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Alaska Blues, an Alaskan forestry agriculture farm and nursery, is the product of many years of research of Alaska’s wild berries, their market, and, ultimately, the ability to domesticate wild berry plants to facilitate commercial opportunities... even if you only have an acre of land.
Alaska Blues is located in the Tongass National Rainforest.  Our farm is on old growth acreage in an area that has never been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals.  Our wild berries are grown using 100% natural methods and are handpicked daily throughout the season.   The berries are hand cleaned and processed immediately after picking.   
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Alaska Blues is 1.6 acres of wild Alaska blueberry and huckleberry colonies, many of which may be centuries old.  These are massive plants that bear enormous quantities of berries as well as produce numerous new canes.  The wild berries are ready by the end of August  and allow harvesting through September.    
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 Alaska Blues’ goal is to contribute to the establishment of successful wild berry farms throughout Alaska by providing healthy plant stock and seeds, educational information to ensure success, and one-on-one consulting with farmers.  Coming from a grassroots background ourselves, we want to make this a feasible undertaking for rural farmers with only an acre or two of land as well as larger commercial growers. 
Wild Blueberries
Harvests currently take place in a random, haphazard manner, often dampening the harvester’s enthusiasm by finding only small quantities of berries for many hours of work.  Enabling farms to produce stable and reliable berry crops would revolutionize our agricultural market and earn
Alaska a reputation, along with Maine and British Columbia, as a major producer area of wild huckleberries and blueberries.                    
                                                                                        Wild Huckleberries in bloom



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