Alaska Blues
Wild huckleberries and blueberries...
 "Rainforest fresh, 100% natural!"
Calder Mountain, Tongass Nat'l Rainforest (click on pictures to enlarge), Port Protection, Alaska
Welcome to Alaska Blues, located in the Tongass National Forest, and Alaska's first commercial huckleberry and blueberry farm and nursery.  We are proud to offer 100% natural wild huckleberry and blueberry products and plants.  Our plants are, in some cases, centuries old colonies with absolutely incredible berries measuring over 1/2 inch in diameter with intense, tangy flavors and jewel-like colors. 
                                                                                                                                                                             Black huckleberries 

Alaska's wild berries flourish naturally in the old growth timber of this rain forest.  The wild berries are rhizomatous plants and the rain forest has a very unique soil structure in that we don't really have any soil.  We do have a thick layer of centuries of decomposing trees and plant material overlain by a thick layer of mosses.  We encourage maximum fruition by increasing sunlight, removing competing plants,  and watering them when it doesn't rain (which doesn't happen often!)  We use no pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals nor have any ever been used on our farm or surrounding areas.   In a time when many people are aware of the dangers of these chemicals and are transitioning to chemical-free environments, we are fortunate to be located in an area that has never had any exposure and, thus, no need to make changes...we just let the berries do what they do naturally. 
Alaska Blues' location in a roadless, remote fishing village, Port Protection, prohibits shipping of most fresh or frozen berries--our mail and other cargo is transported by floatplanes and is very weather dependent, i.e., not very reliable--so we are exploring novel uses for Alaskan wild berries.   

Aerial view of Port Protection, home of Alaska Blues.

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 Alaska Blues is dedicated to the production of naturally grown berries and goods using sound ecological practices and conscientious forest stewardship to provide the highest quality berry products to our customers.  We are committed to assisting in the establishment of successful wild berry farms whether it's on one acre of land or 40 acres (especially in southeast Alaska where the berries naturally flourish).  Our desire is to help fill a nationwide demand for wild berries by the introduction of new agricultural opportunities for commercial farms and microfarms and to accomplish this goal... 
We'll even tell you
how we do it!

Mixture of wild black huckleberries and blueberries.
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